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Richie Greenberg, No on San Francisco Proposition D, the Cannabis Tax, on the ballot November 6th, 2018.

Stop San Francisco City Hall's Money-Grab

Vote NO on Proposition D, Cannabis Tax

Richie Greenberg urges you to join him and other major opponents in saying No:

The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Examiner

SF Supervisor Hillary Ronen

SF Supervisor Raphael Mandelman

SF Supervisor Jane Kim

Candidate for US Congress, Lisa Remmer

Candidate for CA State Assembly, Keith Bogdon

Candidate for BART Board, Eva Chao

Candidate for District 2 Supervisor, John Dennis

Candidate for District 4 Supervisor, Lou Ann Bassan

Candidate for District 6 Supervisor, Christine Johnson



"By all measures, Proposition D is shortsighted and will harm cannabis-related businesses with higher costs, putting them out of business, and driving consumers back to purchasing marijuana on the illegal market with reduced product testing and quality.

If approved, this additional tax serves no useful public purpose- it's simply a City Hall greedy money-grab. Tax revenues will go, not to fund education or rehabilitation programs, but to the General Fund, the City's ever-expanding and unaccountable bureaucracy."


A long uphill battle was fought to legalize marijuana. Consumers were excited when San Francisco dispensaries finally opened for legal, recreational products which are safe, tested and quality controlled. But the Board of Supervisors, which submitted Proposition D, may ruin this before it even has a chance.

The Board of Supervisors incorrectly assumes cannabis businesses are highly successful, and we're learning many across California are actually struggling with narrow profit margins. As a result, many cities are actually lowering cannabis taxes.

The Board of Supervisors says cannabis businesses need to pay their fair share, yet they already pay a business tax, and they pay the required payroll taxes and income taxes- that's their fair share. Adding more proposed taxes on top of taxes is actually unfair and simply abusive!

If this tax passes, consumers will face even higher cannabis prices than now; San Francisco risks losing legal, safe recreational marijuana, fueling the growth of an illegal cannabis market instead. We certainly would not be proud of that.

The Proposition D ordinance wording requires that tax revenue goes into the city's General Fund, with no specific contribution to education, to training, nor enforcement. But the Board of Supervisors misleads us, tells us differently. Don't you wish San Francisco bureaucrats would just give us voters correct information? Let's hold them accountable and vote NO on Prop D. We deserve honest guidance so we can feel good about our decision come Election Day.

San Francisco, say no to Prop D this November 6th, 2018. Keep consumption safe and legal.



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